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Please look around, explore my various images. Contact me for information and a quote for photographing your special event or activity. I strive to offer you the very best service, and the highest quality photographs.

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10/18 - 10/20 Cataloochee

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Created 19-Nov-13
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10/18 - 10/20 Cataloochee

Lights on the Lake

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Created 13-Jan-14
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Lights on the Lake

Lights on the Lake 2014

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Created 28-Dec-14
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Lights on the Lake 2014

Lights on the Lake 2015

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Created 28-Dec-15
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Lights on the Lake 2015

Supermoon Eclipse 9-27-15

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Created 13-Oct-15
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ADK 2016

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Created 30-Nov-16
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ADK 2016

Guestbook for Karl Fisher Photography
4.Erwin Hull(non-registered)
Hey Karl! Great shots, beautiful photography. You must have taken an art course back in old MCS. HA! Good luck in the future.
Your Sports Photography is great! When and where is your next basketball shoot?
2.Triangle in Focus
Karl, Your Adirondacks photos are awesome!