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Photo of the day

Each day in 2012, I will add a photo taken that day. Since it is a leap year, I'll get to do an extra photo this year.

They won't all be masterpieces, but I will learn and be inspired to try new things.
001/365 Macro002/365 Alien003/365 Waxing004/365 Cold evening warm harth005/365 Moonshine006/365 Breakfast007/365 Tree and Lights008/365 Max009-IMG_861310-IMG_8630011-IMG_8681012-IMG_8702_HDR013/365 One cup to wake me up014/365 Backyard bluebird015/365 Giants016/365 High color still life017/365 Ivy018/365 Star-stack019/365 Harry020/365 3D Cross eye Stereo