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Welcome to my Photo-of-the-Day project.

Each day in 2013, I will add a photo taken that day. 1 a day for 365 days. I'm starting, oddly enough, on January 1. Oh, maybe that isn't odd!

They won't all be masterpieces, but I will learn and be inspired to try new things.

For this project, I am thinking I will use weekly themes. Maybe not all weeks, but enough to introduce themed patterns into the photos for the year.

Off we go...
001/365 Happy New Year002/365  ADK stained glass003/365  Green glass and wind chimes004/365   Christmas Toys005/365   Where in Cary?006/365  Bush-wacking for the birds007  Me, part I008/365  Old meets new009/365  Happy birthday, iPhone!010/365  What do I think of this?011/365  Don't go into the fog!012/365  Get your ducks in a row013/365  Unseasonably warm, or Al Gore exhaling too much?014/365  Rigging the rig, OR if at first you don't succeed015/365    A photo guy's office016/365  I don't know017/365 One and Two and Three and Four018/365  Southern snow, next day019/365  Watchful hunter020/365  Grazing on a Sunday Afternoon