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001/365 Happy New Year002/365 If you must003/365  And a fungus in a pear tree004/365  Everyberry into the pool!005/365 Thank you, Bobby006/365  Treat please007/365  D O G008/365 My secret weapon009/365 Boys Basketball: Riverside vs Hillside (Jan 9,  2015)010/365  Thanks for the water!011/365  Eastern Bluebird in a dogwood tree012/365  M & M013/365 Family Treasures014/365 Selfie with my Middy015/365  Chill Bunny016/365 Dusty017/365 Backyard birds018/365 Crabtree driftwood under a sunny cloud filled sky019/365 Tweetle dum and tweetle dee?020/365  Mr Moose(-like) OR Five is not enough