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029/365 Selfie of the Month

029/365 Selfie of the Month

Day 29
Self portrait. With bunny hair all over. Good greif.

I'll probably do a few self portraits over the course of the 365. Hopefully they will get more creative as I go! I'm trying to get the bugs worked out of my flash setup. For this one, I had a third flash (270EXII) that did not fire. It was set to slave mode, but I don't think I had the 580EXII set to master so it didn't trigger. My YN560III slave worked perfectly just as an optical slave. So I learned something today, and still have much more to go.

I got this one all set and Dusty Bunny kept jumping up into my lap. If you look, you'll see rabbit hair between my eye and my glasses! and all over my shirt. But it is nice to be greeted that way by Dusty.

ISO 100, f/4.0, 1/60s, 50mm, Flash camera right @ 1/16 with 15" soft box, Flash camera left @ 1/64 with 30" umbrella, flash on background - did not fire.